Don’t Type Cast Your Hair Extension Clients

For too long, women have felt that beyond a certain age, they are too old for long hair and decide to go short. Whether it is due to societal pressure, with long-haired older women portrayed as “witches”, or to balance natural thinning that can come with age, this is often a difficult decision. It can feel like part of our femininity and youth has been stripped away but this needn’t be the case.

Updated Advice for Hair and Beauty Industry

James Bushell Birmingham

The hair and beauty sector involves workplaces, salons and activities that bring people in very close proximity to one another, often in the head or face area (referred to as the ‘highest risk zone’ in the Government’s guidance). These activities present the most difficult challenges when it comes to minimising the spread of COVID-19 and operating safely. The sometimes unpredictable nature of clients’ behaviour adds to the challenge.

Salon Happiness with New Rules

Hair Salon Stylists

Salon Happiness Even With New Rules – By Anna Rose UK Award Nominated Blogger & Published Writer. A customers view on what the reopening of hair salons in the UK means to her.

Men’s Grooming – Gift Idea

Whether you like his new lockdown beard or prefer him clean shaven, help Dad look his best this Father’s Day Like women across the land embracing their natural hair during lockdown, many men spending more time at home have seen this as the perfect opportunity to test out some facial hair and grow that beard. …

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Education INSTAGRAM Live

Lee Stafford Education INSTAGRAM Live – Sunday 1st December 2019 at 6pm – You’re invited! Please share this with anyone you think has an interest in Hairdressing, whether they be an Apprentice, Salon Assistant, Hairdresser, Barber, Educator or just crazy about Hair