Is there a need For Hairdressing Gloves

boxing gloves

As hairdressers work for hours each day with shampoos and water combined with the dry conditions created by hairdryers and other heated equipment, their skin’s natural defenses are greatly weakened. After seeing the facts it seems only natural that hairdressing gloves should be worn at all times.

The Complete Hairdressing Training Course – How to Be a Professional Hairdresser


If you want to learn how to become a hairdresser, the best place to start is at home. Taking the time to become a hairdresser is a lot of work and it requires schooling. Before you spend money and time on something that may not be the best job for you, practice your current skills at home. Your friends and family are the perfect people to try out new designs and see if you enjoy doing hair. If you find yourself doing a good job and having fun, it’s a good time to take the next step in how to become a hairdresser.

Top London Hairdressers

While on a search to determine the best hairdresser in London, we observed and met with many different stylists in the area to see if there was a consensus to come to about who is the best hairdresser in London.

A Closer Look at DVD Courses in Hairdressing

It would be true to say that not everyone would like to do hairdressing for a living, yet there are many people who would like to own the skills of hairdressing, even if it was only for their personal use. There are a few DVD courses in hairdressing available to suit these needs and some are definitely worth a closer look.

Portable Hairdressers

Over dinner with friends a conversation came up about the fact that there seems to be a sudden expansion of portable hairdresser salons operating all over the place. As a hairdresser in my youth I thought I would look it up where I live so when I was next in town I visited many Maidenhead Hairdressers that I knew from the old days and asked the question.

The Hairdresser From Hell

When I go to the hairdressers (or rather when she comes to me- she’s mobile you see) I put my trust, and hair, in her “capable” hands. For the 30 or so minutes she takes on my hair, I have no control of that goes on (and that scares me!) I’ve heard so many shocking stories about hairdressing disasters which I shall share with you, so you don’t end up a victim of ruined hair because of your negligent hairdresser! But if you are one of these poor, unfortunate people, then read on and I will try to help you with any problems or answer any questions your need to know. ENJOY!

How Do I Choose A Good Mobile Hairdresser?

Do you want to choose a mobile hairdresser? Have you ever tried one or two persons that are self-proclaimed hairdressers but they disappointed you? You don’t have to worry yourself because this article will help you to select a good mobile hairdresser without stress.

How to Communicate Well With Your Hairdresser

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Finding the right hairdresser is often like hitting the lottery. You have to buy the tickets and wait to hit big. When considering a hairdresser, sadly sometimes, you have to visit quite a few until you find the one that understands you perfectly.