The Easy Secret to Better Hair (and Skin!)

See on – Great Hair One small change can significantly improve the health of skin and hair. This isn t another expensive product or time-consuming addition to your morning routine. You can actually benefit …

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Soft waves / flowing waved hairstyles

See on – Great Hair While the braids and wet-look slicks and quirky up-dos are the ones that stick in our minds after we leave a fashion show, it’s the most effortless of styl …

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SCOTDIC® + Trend Council™

See on – Great Hair (by Mitchell Kass)‘s insight: What colours are going to be hot tomorrow? The Trend Council think they know… See on

3 Hot Curly Hair Highlights

What could be more stunning that bold, beautiful highlights? Highlighting curly hair, of course!

Video: Three minute hairstyles –

See on – Great Hair Video: Three minute hairstyles Running late for work and your hair is misbehaving more than a bratty kid at the grocery store checkout?‘s insight: Three minute …

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