Celebrity Bingo Players Reveal their Hair Secrets

Get Fabulous Hair Like Emma Bunton, Kate Moss, and Katie Price

Based on the survey conducted by Fabriah.com, 30% of the 500 women said that they give their hair a conditioning treatment every fortnight. Most of the women also admitted that they spend a total of 40 minutes each day washing, conditioning, and styling their hair. In another study, 12% of women have rescheduled an outing or cancelled their date because of a ‘bad hair day’. All the aforementioned statistics only prove how important it is for women to have a beautiful hair.

Aside from personal hair care, women also seek professional help or get some tips from experts. They also read interviews on how their favorite celebrities maintain their gorgeous locks. These women, who exude confidence all the time, always try to look their best whenever they appear in public or when attending bingo nights with their gaming cliques.

If you want to have fabulous hair like Emma Bunton, Kate Moss, and Katie Price, then read their hair secrets below:

Emma Bunton

Emma BuntonLet’s take a look at Emma Bunton, who at 37 still proves that she’s as fashionable as ever when she was named a celebrity bingo mum by a bingo room. For Bunton, taking care of your hair need not be expensive. Believe it or not, Emma Bunton spends approximately 6 UK pounds for shampoo and 6.50 UK pounds for conditioner. The celebrity bingo mum shared her latest discovery to Reveal , “I’ve found this great shampoo and conditioner from Klorane.” The hair products of Klorane have been used by other famous women as well including Kirsten Dunst and Leighton Meester. So whether you see her grace TV shows or rock bingo halls, expect her to stand out from the crowd with her beautiful hair. Don’t be surprised if you see their names emerging on Betfair Bingo’s Twitter page, Bingo Social, Bingo Smart, and other social networking sites and forums.

Kate Moss

Kate MossIf you want to get that effortless supermodel hair, use Kerastase mousse or volumising spray on your long locks. This hair product is what Kate Moss uses to add more volume and life to her hair. To maintain a youthful-looking hair, Moss reputedly uses an anti-ageing shampoo then conditions her hair afterwards.

Katie Price

This glam model is known for having different looks and that also includes having various hair styles.

Katie Price
Katie Price at a booksigning

Instead of getting fixed up at the salon (which can be quite costly), she decided to produce her own range of hair products including hairdryer, straighteners and curlers. The name of her hair care range is called Jordan, which used to be her screen name.

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