What Makes a Successful Hairdresser?

A lot of women place a lot of value on their hair. This is why they will always choose someone who offers them excellent dos and makes them look great. The best way of attaining the basic hairdressing skills such as cutting, dying, styling, setting, and dressing is going to a beauty school.

Lee Stafford Education Facebook Live

This month’s FaceBook Live hair cut is a power house rock god bob designed by the greatest haircutter the world has seen for the last 2 decades – Stacey Broughton AKA Sheila (as he likes to be called)

Five commonly asked questions before buying your hairdressing scissors

Photo by Thom Holmes on Unsplash

It is not a secret that hairdressing scissors are the most crucial tool of every barber or hairdresser. Therefore, it is essential to purchase hairdressing tools that are long-lasting, qualitative, and suitable for hairdresser’s wants and needs. To find out, how to avoid making a mistake when buying haircutting shears, read this article.

A Charitable Cut


A child had asked to have her hair cut so she could send it to another child who had lost half of her hair through cancer.