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HairMakerUK is a full 3-step cosmetic regime, suitable for both men and women, which offers a professional treatment to create hair volume and/or cover thin areas of hair.

HairMakerUK BUILD fibres, made of cotton (Gossypium Herbaceum powder), makes thin hair at least 8 times richer.
HairMakerUK is a revolutionary discovery

The use of fine cotton microfibres (0.2 to 0.5mm) which sit on existing hair. The fibres have a negative electrical charge, while our hair has a positive charge: the result is a very powerful natural charge electrostatic, which guarantees a perfect binding and durable microfibre hair, creating a dense and thicker looking hair.

We at HairMakerUK take every care to provide the highest quality product and work to the strictest guidelines. Using HairMakerUK products gives a quick resolution to those with hair loss due to previous medical treatment, those with thinning hair problems and baldness. Those having hair transplants may consider using the HairMakerUK Build product (may be referred to as Hair fibres).

Composed of a microfiber cotton Hawaiian hibiscus, 85% natural, HairMakerUK BUILD mask baldness, bald areas and white roots.

In a few seconds the cotton microfibres bind naturally through static to your hair and head and has no impact on your own hair.

HairMakerUK BUILD is a hair fibre that is created using the highest levels of technology and care.

HairMakerUK BUILD is available in 5 colours:-
Grey, Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown and Light Brown

Microfibre 85% natural cotton and 15% Synthetic (Which gives the colour), Makes hair look 8 times denser. Easy fast and effective solution for men and women.

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