BBC Series Hair crowns winner Phil Hunt

Last night saw Phil Hunt win the title of “Britain’s Best Amateur Hair Stylist 2015” in the BBC Two television series HAIR.

Phil Hunt says, “I am absolutely thrilled to have won. This competition has been one of the most intense and surreal experiences of my life. I have enjoyed every aspect of the show, from having the resources to create new and wild hair designs, to discovering new things about myself along the way. I’d like to thank the BBC for giving me this opportunity.

Phil Hunt, Winner of Hair 2015
Phil Hunt, Winner of Hair 2015

Hosted by Katherine Ryan. Tonight’s final saw Phil prove to both judges Alain Pichon and Denise McAdam that he deserved his winning place.

Phil Hunt says, “I have always had a desire to work as a hair designer and stylist within film, television and theatre. It was only when I began training at college that the auditions for HAIR came about, and I would never have thought then that I would be the winner.

The competition began with ten contestants – 8 girls and 2 boys, and for the last seven episodes Phil has been the only male contestant.

Phil Hunt says, “I knew there was no holding back as many of the girls were extremely talented, so whilst there was still a chance I could win, I had to pull out every technique, and creative idea I could to impress the judges.

Phil, 33yrs old, is originally from East Yorkshire, and now lives in London whilst studying women’s hairdressing at Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College and working towards his trade test at the Oolong Hair salon, Shad Thames, London. Phil gave up a successful career in retail fashion early last year in order to retrain at EHWLC and realise his dream career as a hair designer and stylist.

Phil Hockey, Executive Director at Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College says: ‘On behalf of everyone at the College I would like to congratulate Phil Hunt on his well-deserved victory in the competition. We are very proud of him and he sets a shining example to adult students embarking on career change of what is possible through vision, talent and hard work.

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The final episode consisted of two challenges for the contestants to compete in. The first requiring them to design an avant-garde bridal hairstyle for a bridal dress designers’ catwalk show, and the second; a bridal hairstyle for an actual bride’s wedding day.

Phil Hunt says, “For me, although the two challenges were linked, I still had to ensure that both hair designs were independent of each other and would suitably impress the judges, as well as the wedding dress designer and the actual bride herself”

Phil excelled in both challenges with his catwalk hairstyle being commended by both judges. He then went on to win the heart of his bride model, Miss Alx Farrow who even requested he actually provide the same hairstyle for her on her wedding day.

Phil Hunt says, “Hopefully winning this competition will assist me to further my career and realise my ambition to become a professional hair designer in television, film and theatre and if by chance Paloma Faith is seeking a new hair stylist, I’d definitely be interested“. Good luck Phil!

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