Hair Trends at the Golden Globes 2015

Every Single Stunning Hair Style From the Golden Globes

Jack Howard at Paul Edmonds, International hair colourist to a-listers including Gillian Anderson, Poppy Delevingne and Suki Waterhouse amongst others gives his opinion on the stars who deserve an award for their colour.

Emma Stone: “I love the colour and the cut Emma has gone for, it works together perfectly to create an on trend beachy version of the lob (long bob).”

Sienna Miller: “The lob haircut shows no signs of waning and Sienna definitely pulls it off, the all over blonde with lighter pieces sliced through looks incredible”.

Jennifer Lopez: “Jennifer never really strays from what works for her hair, she’s cracked the winning formula of a smooth colour that has a lived-in rooty effect which means she always looks fresh and modern.

Jane Fonda: “Proving that Balayage is not just for the younger lady. Jane shows that freehand highlights give a much softer fresher feel, which looks youthful.”

The Hits

Ken Picton, award-winning hairdresser, Ken Picton Salon and Ambassador for ghd, L’Oreal and Kerastase on the hits and misses on the red carpet.

Interestingly this year, many of the stars opted for white or slightly off-white styling so the hair needed to be carefully thought out. The biggest faux pas on the red carpet is a white dress with an overly complicated updo as this can look very ‘Grecian’ so the best way to counteract this look is with glamorous side swept waves or loose undone hair.

For me the shining couple of the evening was George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin. The co-ordination between the pair was red carpet styling at its best, from the soft natural hair to the twist of classic white gloves and the ‘Je Suis Charlie’ badge. By keeping her look traditional but fresh, Amal was able use her position to showcase a political message.

Hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were a real surprise for me as although they both sported updos, the comedians made sure that they didn’t stray too close to each others style with Tina rocking a bouffant quiff ponytail which made the most of her smokey eye whilst Amy framed her face with a deep side parting which was understated – superb co-ordination.

Maggie Gyllenhaal’s crop was one of the standout styles of the night for me as it was so effortlessly chic. This year expect to see some copycats of that slightly tousled pixie cut which showcased Maggie’s facial features and worked with her elegant dress – a real winner for me!

Helen Mirren is the epitome of a well-put together look. She never tries to look anything but her age but knows how to look current with a complexion enhancing shade and cheekbone accentuating cut – she’s constantly mesmerising.

The Misses

Now for those who missed the mark. Lena Dunham failed to wow with her try-hard mix of graphic bob and graphic Zac Posen gown. The harsh lines create a jarring overall image; I think if she had softened her hair with a gentle wave she could have been on to a winning look. Another star that should have counteracted her hair with her outfit is Lana Del Rey. The queen of retro glamour hit lost some of her vintage appeal with a 70’s inspired concertina dress and huge beehive. Sometimes less really is more.

Get A-List Hair At Home

Dafydd Rhys, Director at Ken Picton, former Wales and South West Hairdresser of the year and former FAME Team member, gives his simple styling tips to get a-list hair at home.


Sienna Miller
Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller got everything right at this year’s Golden Globes, from her choice of outfit to her makeup and hair. Her hair was styled into a deep side parting, a trend that is forecasted to be big this summer, and paired with a loose textured wave. To achieve the look firstly apply a texture gel to the hair (L’Oreal Professionnel ‘Scruff Me) and rough dry the hair in to a parting at the opposite side of the head. Confusing your parting will then help you to achieve more volume as you style. Avoid using a styling brush whilst working on this look, as you want to give your hair lots of movement and texture. When the hair is dry, polish and define the hair into curls using the ghd Curve Creative Curl Tong. Finish the look with L’Oreal Professionnel ‘Next Day Hair’ spray to achieve a lived in feel to the hair, separating with your fingers to personalise.

Taylor Schilling
Taylor Schilling

As a big Orange Is The New Black fan, I was hugely excited by Taylor Schilling’s appearance on the red carpet, and she definitely deserves her place on the fashion radar for her brave move. Styling your hair back in a sleek ‘no fuss’ bun is a brave move but boy, has it paid off. Her hair was parted in a slightly off centre sharp parting and smoothed back into a simple understated twist at the nape. To achieve the style: Blow-dry your hair using Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Oil. Using the ghd Aura Air Styler and a Sound Natural bristle brush aim to achieve the smoothest finish, without concentrating too much of your styling on volume or shape.  If you have naturally smooth hair you may be able to sleek your hair straight back but if you still have a slight movement in it you may want to smooth over using the ghd Eclipse Styler. To smooth your hair back, firstly place in the parting before using a natural bristle dressing brush to style. Spray some hairspray on the brush as this will smooth down any fly away hair to achieve a flawless finish. When the hair is all brushed back to a low ponytail at the nape of the neck secure with a hair bungie or band. Twist the remaining hair around itself and secure with grips to create a simple twisted bun.  TIP: style away any flyaway hairs by spraying a small amount of hairspray onto a blusher brush and smooth down. This will give a softer finish without being crispy, which can happen when your apply product directly to the hair.”


Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson

Sure to be a permanent fixture on the red carpet this year, I love Dakota Johnson’s style. Her burnt copper hair has been a strong trend through the winter and is set to stay for the summer. The addition of fringe is also bang on trend. To get this style: Have your layers kept long in the salon as this will help you in achieving this loose relaxed finish at home. Ask your stylist to cut the as if it was a grown out full fringe aiming for cheek bone length as this will accentuate your bone structure but be sure to place a light layer in to soften the fringe slightly. Style the hair by blow-drying volume in at the roots. Use L’Oreal Professionnel Root Lift spray to help you with this if you’re not blessed with thick hair. Once the hair is dry starting at the nape of the neck, use ghd Eclipse Styler to create soft waves; hold the Styler horizontally at the root and rotating 180’ degrees gently pull the Styler through the hair rotating a little more as you work down the hair. Repeat this technique throughout the rest of the hair. Try not to straighten the fringe but use a small round brush to work a bevel in to soften the edges.  Spray in L’Oreal Professionnel Crépage De Chignon throughout the hair to encourage movement and texture.


Jessica Chastain
Jessica Chastain

No red carpet event would be the same without vintage waves; Jessica Chastain surely wins this year. Her hair colour was the perfect shade of peachy red all over with immense shine, which gave her the healthy glow all celebs covet. The wave was styled over one shoulder with a classic Hollywood deep side parting. To achieve this look, prep and dry the hair before reaching for the ghd Classic Curl Tong. Separate the hair in inch thick square sections, wrapping the hair around the tong, being careful not to twist the hair as your work around. You almost want the process to be similar to wrapping ribbon around the barrel so keep it flat. Hold the hair on the tong for 5-8 seconds before gently slipping off into your hand to cool. Repeat this technique throughout the hair. Once all the hair has been curled, gently comb out the curl using a wide toothcomb, resting the hair into a vintage wave. Finish the look with Shu Uemura Sheer Lacquer hairspray.

 Next stop – the Oscars!

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