HAIRraising campaign raises £1m but needs your help.

During October, HAIRraising is asking the hairdressing industry to take on the Salon Challenge and raise money through their own fundraising events in aid of the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.

The appeal has raised an amazing £1 million so far, and we are now aiming for the next £1 million to go towards a new Respiratory Ward at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

To find out in detail about Great Ormond Street Hospital’s redevelopment and how HAIRraising helps children at the hospital, take a look at our ‘Redevelopment’ page.

It’s completely up to each salon what type of fundraising they would like to do. This could be anything from a themed day, where stylists get sponsored to dress up to a theme, to something simple such as asking customers if they would like to add a £1 donation to Great Ormond Street Hospital onto their bill.

When a salon signs up, they will be able to download our Salon Challenge toolkit for fundraising top tips and advice.

Also on offer is promotional materials such as balloons and banners to decorate their salon.

To find out more about the Salon Challenge, please visit the website.

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  1. Thanks Sam, Am a hair dresser and I have been thkinnig of this idea for a long time, but now that you have given me the encouragement through your article, am going to start in no due time.Once again thanks for you article.Cheers


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