Jack Howard Masterclass “Bring clients back into the salon and away from home hair colour”

L’Oreal Professionnel UK Colour Spokesperson, Jack Howard was invited to represent both Paul Edmonds and L’Oreal Professionnel UK at the L’Oreal Professionnel Business Forum in Lisbon, Portugal.


Over 2500 people from fifty countries attended and Jack, the only colourist there running master classes, talked commercial colour, presenting 5 seminars to the packed audience on the professional difference and the best way to bring clients back into the salon and away from home hair colour. As Jack says, “it’s all in the detail….


“The running theme throughout my presentations was that we as an industry are doing something wrong, we are failing when 47% of women in the UK (and we felt this was a similar stat worldwide) colour their hair at home: 20% are what we call mixers, the client who has a tint with you and then does the next 3 at home, that’s a shocking 67% of women who think they can do what we do at home or think that what we do has as much value as the box colour in aisle 7 in the supermarket…


“How do we change that? I believe it’s going to be an ongoing, uphill struggle but the presentation was so well received because it resonates with so many of us, we are aware, and we are working on it by creating beautiful salon friendly work that shows the professional difference. This means attention to detail using more than one colour for a global tint, adding detail but not over charging.”

Jack Howard is announcing new courses for 2017 shortly (www.jackhoward.co.uk)

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