RCA Graduate Fashion Show gets a Sassoon boost

RCA Graduate Fashion Show 2014

Sassoon were once again thrilled to support the prestigious Royal College of Art Graduate Fashion Show held in Kensington, London.

The glamorous gala event was attended by high-profile fashion alumni, the fashion industry, sponsors, journalists and celebrity guests. Over 30 students unveiled their spectacular final collections specialising in menswear, womenswear, knitwear and millinery on the catwalk to rapturous applause. Masculine and oversized tailoring, sherbet shade knits and sculpted silhouettes were among just some of the prevailing trends.


Inspiration: The hair was inspired by the character traits of a “Distracted Artist”.

The Look: “The beauty of this look is revealed as the hair naturally dries, the style gradually evolves into a matte, enigmatic feeling,” says Silvia Salerno, Sassoon Team Leader

How: Triangular sections are divided through the sides and on top of the head, with a deep side parting to create a veil or faux fringe. The look is prepared with a combination of Sassoon Professional, Halo Hydrate and Curl Foam, which is applied from the roots to the tips and then sealed with a generous amount of Sassoon Professional Heat Shape.

The Sassoon team at work:

“The hair is then groomed and moulded over the ears into a natural wave, allowing the front and sides to cling to the skin like a fine gossamer cobweb,” says Silvia.

Hero products: Sassoon Professional Halo Hydrate, Curl Foam and Heat Shape

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