The 3 P’s of a Great Hairdresser Or Barber

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First thing one needs to know while being a hairdresser, is that this is perhaps the most ancient of all human professions. Without barbers, revolutions would not had happened. When men and women wore nothing , they still had their hair. And whatever hair they wore, they sure had a style. So hair is the earliest fashion trip anyone ever had, and there is no shame in being called a barber. Although, ‘hairstylist’ or ‘ hairdresser’ are not sophisticated terms either, they are simple as a barber.

Halley Brisker for Jed Root
Halley Brisker for Jed Root

Now, to be the best barber– firstly, there are three p’s and the other tricks that does not start with the alphabet “p.” The three p’s are poetry, patience and precision. Hairdressing is a feminine thing. There is poetry in it. The way a girl keeps her hair reflects the way she is. And if the hairdresser can feel this vibe then the best part is already done. A hairdresser has to be patient .She has to listen to what the other person is saying, or in what way the client wants to see herself( or what is the silhouette that a designer wants, in that case). This is a very crucial part. One has to be very careful.

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