50% increase in Men visiting Salons

New research has revealed that the average UK salon has welcomed 50% more male clients through its doors in 2015, compared to the numbers witnessed 2014. The treatments found to attract the most male customers included facial hair services, massages and manicures/pedicures.

Male Grooming
Male Grooming

A poll of salon owners has revealed the increase in British men in the country’s beauty havens, as well as which treatments are most likely to tempt male customers through the doors.

The research was commissioned by www.babtac.com (The British Association of Beauty Therapists and Cosmetologists), the premier UK association for beauty, hair, holistic and sports therapies. A total of 784 UK salon owners took part in the recent survey, all of whom were at least 18 years old and had owned their salon for a minimum of 2 years.

All respondents were initially asked if they felt they had seen more, less or no change in male customers coming through the doors this year, in comparison to last year. Three quarters (76%) stated that they had seen more, compared to only 8% who had seen less.

All salon owners where then asked to indicate the percentage increase in male customers that they had seen, and were free to indicate 0% if they had not noticed a change or a negative percentage if they felt the number had dropped. Once the answers were collated, the team calculated the average change as a 50% increase.

In order to understand what is drawing more men into the country’s salons, all those who felt they had seen an increase were asked to indicate the treatments which were most popular with their male clientele. The following were revealed to be the top five treatments most likely to bring male customers into the salon:

  1. Facial hair services (e.g. grooming, conditioning etc.) – 52%
  2. Massages – 48%
  3. Manicures & pedicures – 37%
  4. Haircuts, styling & treatments – 36%
  5. Teeth whitening – 29%

Jason Phillips, Chairman of BABTAC, made the following comments regarding the results of the study:

“Undoubtedly, male beauty trends are becoming more and more mainstream; it’s no surprise that many men are investing in their appearance to maintain their well-groomed beards and man-buns! We can also see long-term favourites of female clients in the list, such as massages and manicures, which not only deliver their own benefits but which are very relaxing and soothing and can be enjoyed by both genders!”

He continued:

“Times are changing – beauty is not a ‘woman’s thing’ anymore. Trends and fashions have brought men into the beauty world and they have found that grooming and taking care of themselves is just as satisfying for them as it is for their girlfriends, wives, sisters and mothers. Many salons offer treatments specifically tailored to the male audience, but much of the services offered are actually unisex. We urge salons to embrace their male clientele and introduce more men into beauty and relaxation; we all need a little pampering and time out from our hectic lives!”

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