Meet Danny Cowan

We had an email out of the blue from a young hairdresser named Danny Cowan. He describes himself as a 21 year old hairdresser from Bournemouth.

He sent us a very stylish set from a recent photoshoot of his newly designed teddy-boy style. The  aspiring model happens to be his cousin,  Jack Hardy.

“The inspiration for the pictures came from my love of the 1920s with a mix of the teddy boy style as I believe these guys were seriously cool” says Danny, “but I wanted a modern twist on the pictures which comes from the dark almost sinister feel to the imagery which is contractive of that era were guys in pictures almost always smiled”.

Danny comes from a family of hairdressers: “My uncle has worked at the top level of hairdressing at toniandguy for 25 years, my cousins are barbers and now my my two sisters, my girlfriend and my uncle all work in the same salon“.
It’s a real love and passion that has been passed down to Danny. He says he started like all of his  family at home when in school cutting friends hair, then getting a place in a local salon at 16.
From there he has worked on London Fashion Week, assisted Jody Taylor (previous men’s hairdresser of the year) on shoots, and scaled the career ladder at the salon where he works.
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You can also keep an eye on his latest creation on Instagram under  dannycowanhair

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