Taper Fade Cuts Ideas for Men

The taper fade cut is one of the most popular hairstyles today and for good reasons. First of all, it looks super clean and neat: extremely sharp, precise lines, incredible blend on the back and sides. Also, the taper fade is a basis for various trendy hairstyles such as pompadour, Mohawk, comb over, flat top and many others, so that you are free to choose your favorite. It follows that this masculine and good-looking hairstyle is perfect both for everyday and for special occasions, for boys and men with different tastes and preferences.

So, if you are looking for fresh taper fade ideas, check these cool cuts that have become the first three finalists of the GBBB Barber Of The Year 2017 Awards.

Asymmetrical Low Taper Fade


The side part of this hairstyle is a key detail that makes the image so unique, introducing asymmetry to it. Another significant feature is low, but still very smooth fade, which frames the hairdo to turn it into a real piece of art. Such asymmetrical taper fade cut will diversify your look adding stylish, hot, and a bit bold notes into it.

Skin Fade in Caesar Style


One of the most ancient hairstyles – the Caesar – underlies this fantastic cut. Combined with modern twists like high skin fade, sharp hairline, the amazing texture on the top, it brilliantly fits in with contemporary barbershop fashion. Edgy beard and mustache will become an ideal complement to the hairstyle as well. Perfect for office and business, this taper fade is a wonderful invention for modern guys.

Taper Pompadour Hairstyle


Clean, smooth and perfectly sculpted are the best words to describe how flawless and incredible this tapered pomp is, and the fade is essential here, so it is very important to keep it fresh and clean. Definitely, this hairdo requires far more time and efforts to style than the previous options, but it is worth it.  Remember not to use too much styling product so that the hairstyle’s not sloppy, but completely elegant and very light. This taper pompadour is ideal both for young boys and for older guys with straight hair.
For more cool taper fade cut ideas by the best British barbers see thehairstyledaily.com/taper-fade-haircuts-for-men/.

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