Backstage at Britain’s Next Top Model

Wella’s new styling range EIMI are the official hairstyling brand of this year’s Britain’s Next Top Model.

The team at Salons Direct were exclusively invited to head backstage to the filming of the show, to find out more about the stylists and inspirations for their looks.

They caught up with stylist, Josh Goldsworthy, who shared his tips on recreating the looks for his models, Alex and Billie.

Josh Goldsworthy on his inspiration:

Today’s been a really fun day actually! With some of the other clients the looks we’ve created have been a more controlled as they’ve been quite driven with certain looks. Whereas today they’ve given us more of an inspiration to style the way we want. Each girl has an individual look, from crimps and waves to super sleek parts and polished hair.

Billie’s Hair Styling Tips

Step 1: I used a large tong to style the hair back away from the face, leaving about a 3 inch gap from the roots and then left to set. This was more to get some movement mid-way down, so it looks a little more natural, beachy effect.

Step 2: Once that was done, I brushed it out and then took large sections of hair and used straighteners to clamp down the curls to create a flatter texture where there is still movement but not quite big glamorous red carpet waves.

Step 3: I then took sections of the hair, twisted it and sprayed with the Ocean Spritz Salt Spray, then let it set.

Step 4: Once this was done it was just a case of tweaking things as and when. Just so that the front layers were pulled away and the rest is almost pushed onto her body, so it sits quite flat and beachy.


Alex’s Hair Styling Tips

Step 1: I wanted Alex’s hair to look really clean so we pulled the hair back from the crown so it was flat. I used EIMI Shape Control Mousse throughout.


Step 2: I then applied Sculpt Force Extra Strong Flubber Gel with a brush through the whole top section to give the hair a high shine finish and make It almost look like the hair is wet


Step 3: I used Thermal Image Heat Protection Spray through the ends to add a little bit of shine but not quite as much as the top section. When the hair was ironed through, the heat protection helped to give it the tiniest bit of hold. It’s 2/4 so it will just stop any flyaways and keep it looking really sleek.


Step 4: I finished off with the Super Set Extra Strong Finishing Spray which is the strongest hold hairspray in the EIMI range – it’s just like liquid concrete! Once this had dried it was sprayed quite close to the hair so it had a wet look, high shine finish and then we just brought it behind the ear to finish.


All products featured on Britain’s Next Top Model are available at Salons Direct.


Salons Direct Marketing Director, Danielle Jones, said “Being invited backstage to the filming of Britain’s Next Top Model was a great experience for Salons Direct. The marketing team were able to see what really happens away from the cameras along with having the chance to be alongside some of the UK’s leading hair stylists.

Each of the Wella EIMI products used within the show are amazing and we’d highly recommend them to any stylists wanting to create the perfect look”.

For more information about creating the Wella look, head over to the Salons Direct blog.

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