Discussion Female Hair Loss

It’s a condition that is usually associated with middle aged men, but new studies show hair loss is a problem that also affects millions of women. Despite this, many of those affected find the stigma and subsequent psychological impact hard to deal with.

When faced with endless pictures of women with flowing, thick and healthy hair, having to deal with hair loss is difficult to take and for many women it can make them feel unfeminine leading to a loss of self esteem and even depression.

But luckily the condition is one that can be treated, something Dr David HKingsley, the world’s leading expert on hair loss, has dedicated his life’s work to and he’s keen to help as many women as possible accept and overcome what is actually a very common condition.

There’s no doubt that losing your hair as a woman, whether you are young or older can be a distressing experience. So if you are losing your hair, or you have noticed it is thinning do you know what to do about it?

Dr David H Kingsley and Corinne Sweet join us live online at www.studiotalk.tv on 8th May at 3:30pm


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