Hair Extensions For Any Age

Extensions have become a hugely popular hair accessory in recent times. No longer are they seen as a product for the just younger generation, but more and more individuals of all ages are embracing the extensions phenomenon. We interviewed Johnny Yip, managing director of Zen Luxury Hair UK, who explains how extensions can be used by individuals of all ages and styles.


Teens and 20s

“Hair extensions are a particularly popular accessory for those in their teens and throughout their twenties. With Zen Hair, these trend-aware individuals can be given the freedom to style their hair however they choose to stay on trend each season. This age group are likely to enjoy experimenting with different styles and colours, and hair extensions are a great way to achieve the style they want in an

30’s – 40’s

“Individuals in this age group will want to maintain their youthful look and tend to be confident that they know what style works for them. By adding immediate length, volume and style to their hair, they can achieve a younger and more feminine look.
In this decade, it is likely that individuals will be more established in their career and will therefore have more money to spend on their image. They will be looking for extensions that are of superior-quality, that will look elegant and behave like their own natural hair. Zen has an “Ultimate Series” range that is designed for this specific client who demands the most superior extensions on the market. The
uniqueness of this series is defined by the use of baby cuticle hair which is infused into each extension. It’s the most elite form of extension on the market, formulated for the professional, image-conscious individual.

It is equally likely that women in this age range will be starting a family, which means that hair needs to be manageable and easy. Hair extensions are a great choice for women with busy lifestyles because they are low maintenance but promise to provide that premium quality, fresh-out-of-the-salon feeling each day. The super-drawn, 100% virgin hair guarantee from Zen, means that it has outstanding longevity and is designed to outlast the majority of other brands on the market. This makes Zen the ideal extension brand of choice for the client looking for a high-quality yet low maintenance style.”


Carol Vorderman’s recent hair transformation
Carol Vorderman (55)’s recent hair transformation

“Hair can thin up to 50% by the age of 50, so hair extensions are a great way to add volume to finer hair. Extensions can be added to shorter styles simply to add volume, or to add extra length for a flattering shoulder length do.
As women approach their 50’s, they tend to opt for a shorter style. Nowadays, however, many women are breaking free from these trends, and opting for a look that oozes glamour, sophistication and youthfulness.
Hair extensions are rapidly becoming popular among the mature crowd due to the immediate style boost that they can provide. A fuller, volumised and healthylooking head of hair can shed years offsomeones image. However it is vital that they choose high-quality extensions for a look that appears natural and subtle.”

Over 60s

“Many women opt for a shorter do as they head into their 60s. A layered style is popular among women of this age range, as it is softer, feminine and easier to maintain. We would recommend that this generation consider investing in hair extensions to add volume and bulk to finer hair to keep it looking stylish and fuller.

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