Hairstyles to compliment your neck scarf this summer

The silken neck scarf has seen somewhat of a renaissance during this year’s warm months. Regarded as a winning trend at various fashion shows this year, and championed by style icons such as Gucci and Tom Ford, it lends itself to a great variety of elegant and influential hairstyles.

So, whether you want to channel an authoritative or elegant style, or if you’re unsure you want to hop on the bandwagon of boho chic this summer, a little bit of inspiration is maybe just what you need; and where better to start than the silken neck scarf.


Vintage is a style that is becoming synonymous with the young crowds these days. However, middle-aged women and men are starting to appreciate the style as well: perhaps due to it resonating with their own youthful memories. Trends that were popular in the 60s and 70s are quickly becoming current again today. The neck scarf, as a result, is very popular amongst this demographic, with a multitude of colours to choose that fit in with the classic ‘Grease’ look that seems to be cropping up more and more; the denim jacket plays a large part in this. Of course, the hairstyles are now vastly different – rarely do you see the classic 70s flicks and wings, or ‘shag’ hairstyles anymore.

By Kurt Kulac [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Jennifer Lawrence. Kurt Kulac [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
However, inspiration has been taken from short hairstyles that were also widespread during the 70s. For instance, the pixie cut has become a staple in the vintage-loving community – especially since Jennifer Lawrence showcased how versatile the style can be.

It is perhaps this reason, its versatility, which makes the pixie hair cut a great style to wear with a neck scarf. Styling your pixie hair cut with waves that flow right through your hair, a voluminous and parted look, or with textured fringe that flicks out on either side of your face are all great looks – they are classically vintage. Pairing these cuts with a flowing neck scarf with not only match that boho chic look if you’re wearing your baggy denim numbers, it works just as well when your dressing up to the nines if you really want to go for a classical look.


Ronze is the latest in hair colour trends for 2015: classic reds marry up with bronze tones to create a beautiful and seamless shade of copper. The key to this look is high-shine, and making sure that you really extenuate your skin tone and eye colour – it is something of an evolution to last year’s balayage trend.

Perhaps the reason the Ronze trend has taken the world by storm is, like the pixie cut, the versatility of the style. The effect gives depth and tone to the roots, which provides multidimensional results on the mid-length and ends. The multi-tonal nature of the style also lends itself to a variety of outfits – from professional to casual. The reason this works so well with the neck scarf is firstly, the longer length allows for the neck scarf to loosely wrap itself around the hair to give you an elegant, but authoritative impression, and, secondly, the reddish tones match perfectly with a silken, black neck scarf.

So, there are two different ways you can style your hair to compliment your neck scarf this summer. Of course there are other styles out there, but it’s these two that are really making people’s heads turn at the moment. With the added addition of a neck scarf, you will be at the height of fashion this summer.

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  1. I think it is entirely up to the individual, some women look great with short hair, and some look great with long hair, regardless of what age they may be. I would just mention that some comments refer to celebrities with long hair looking great, but it does need to be remembered that most of these long haired celebrities will have the help of top hair stylists, and also hair extensions, in order to maintain their ‘luscious locks’.


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