Instagram sensation – turn your hair into a HAT

Russian hair stylist Georgy Kot shared the video on his Instagram page. The look involves wrapping long strands of hair around itself to create ‘hat’

The video has garnered more than 62,000 likes and over 9,000 comments

The look has been created by Georgy Kot, a well-known stylist in Russia who is famous for his intricate, sculpture-like hairstyles and boasts an army of 623,000 devoted fans on Instagram.

Some of his latest offerings include gravity-defying ponytails, sky-high beehvies and old Hollywood-style mermaid waves.

In the 30-second clip – edited into a timelapse for brevity – he shares a mini-tutorial for making a mini top-hat with fascinator out of hair, and the result is almost good enough for a day at the races.

By wrapping a section of hair neatly around the messy bun, it gives the illusion of the crown of a top hat Russian stylist Georgy is known for his daring styles, from mermaid waves to sky-high ponytails.

Georgy finishes off the look by pulling another section of hair neatly around the bun to create the hat’s rim

Georgy begins by drawing a section of the model’s long, blonde locks into a ponytail. He then backcombs that section into a messy bun, before wrapping a wide strand around it to create a bobbin-shaped wheel.

Next, he teases a section around its base to form a wide brim, adding in smaller strands to create the appearance of feathers, and securing with clips.

The resulting look gives the appearance of a honey-coloured hat, and almost 10,000 people commented on it, with one joking that it gave a ‘new definition of hat hair’. One fan, Jess Voelkel, wrote: ‘I just spent thirty minutes looking at all of these hairstyles’, while Morten Jackobsen said: ‘This is amazing’

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