Kate crowned Hair Icon 2011

Kate crowned 2011 Hair Icon
Kate crowned 2011 Hair Icon

Kate Middleton has added another title to Duchess of Cambridge after being crowned Celebrity hair icon 2011 at the handbag.com Beauty Awards 2011.

The annual awards from leading women’s website handbag.com celebrate all things hair and beauty and with more than 50,000 members of the public voting, it truely a public vote of success.

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s lustrous hair is reportedly thanks to weekly visits to Knightsbridge hairdresser Richard Ward.

Kate’s Hairstyle

If you’re lucky enough to have long brunette hair, here’s how to style it like hers.

  1. After shampooing, detangle with a combe and spray with heat protector. Blow dry until nearly dry.
  2. Part hair into sections, blow dry each section and curl the ends with a round brush.
  3. Once dry, add body by backcombing from the root.
  4. To create the loose curl with rollers, set large sections for a short period of time. With tongs, use a wide barrel tong for a gently curl.
  5. Complete the look with a quick mist of hairspray.

Good luck catching your Prince!

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