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Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence debuts new pixie cut

The Oscar-winning actress has swapped her shoulder length style for a grown-up pixie cut ahead of eagerly anticipated second instalment of the Hunger Games series.


Jennifer Lawrence and her new pixie cut
Jennifer Lawrence and her new pixie cut

Speaking of her dramatic new style at a press event Jennifer explained that the reason behind it was that her hair was “just fried from being dyed so much

British Colourist of the Year Ken Picton talks us through going for the crop and who it suits; “Going from very long to very short is such a dramatic change, but Jennifer shows us just how fantastic it can look- it’s a style recently seen on celebs such as Beyonce and Michelle Williams among others and is an amazing way to reinvent your image. Short hair suits cute, petite feature so is one to avoid if your nose, jaw line or ears are anything other than uniform. Round faces who want a short cut should include lots of angles and a pointy fringe shaping into point over ears to give the face definition; on square faces short hair looks best in a rounded cut with a sweeping fringe so don’t go as short as Jennifer; lucky old oval faces suit most hairstyles, so it’s more important to look at your features.

Former London Hairdresser of the Year, Karine Jackson told us of  the consequences of over-dying the hair and how to combat this – “When consistently colouring your hair you must make sure that you are only doing the root area – overlapping the colour will over-process the rest of the colour and this will cause what I call a chemical hair cut. If you like to change your hair colour often (we all love a new look like Jennifer!) you really need to invest in a good hair care regime- ask your colourist which products they would recommend for your hair but definitely use a weekly treatment for healthy hair. I would always avoid going from light to dark and back to light in a short time – you need to give your hair time to recover from a major change.


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