Windswept in winter? It’s just as well messy hair is finally OK

With the cold winter months taking hold, the chances of maintaining perfectly preened and smoothly styled hair are becoming ever slimmer. Fortunately enough, for all those fretting over their frizz and reeling at their  roots, this seasons hair looks are all about that messy untouched look.

On the catwalk Burberry, Creatures of the Wind, Gucci, and Nina Ricci amongst others sported “au-naturel” hair at this years fashion weeks. While celebrities world wide have been intentionally sporting unkempt styles; oozing confident effortlessness when photographed rather than being simply caught out by paparazzi ambush.

Soft updo-hair-pretty by Maegan Tintari, some rights reserved
Soft updo-hair-pretty by Maegan Tintari, some rights reserved

So, how can you get that perfect “rolled out of bed look” without actually looking like you haven’t had the time to brush your hair? Whatever your cut, colour, or length there’s most certainly a way you can jump on the rugged hair bandwagon.

Natural roots

One of the biggest hassles of hair colouring is no doubt touch ups. With Ombreing now taking a backseat in hair trends, hair regrowth has become the new multi-tonal colouring must have. Finally revoked of the duty to maintain regular root appointments, we now have a more than valid excuse to plan some space between them. To get the look without the waiting time, ask your stylist to add highlights to your ends and lowlights to your roots — a fast track way to that lazy girl style.

The perfectly imperfect plait

Dubbed the “bed head braid”, women have recently been trying their hand at sporting untidy braids and scruffy fishtails to reflect natural sexiness. By using texturizing products prior to plaiting, you can add volume and grit to your sleek locks. Be sure to split your hair unevenly, adding smaller braids as you go along to take the look as far from slick as you can. Or take inspiration from Giles catwalk hair, who styled his unkempt models using low plaiting with strands of loose hair pulled away from the temples. Finally for the ultimate “trying to look like you haven’t tried” plait: fix hair extensions to add more bulky volume and weave bulkily at the back of the head, creating a chunky misshapen braid.

The can’t be bothered low slung pony

Whether you take leave from Michael Kors’ ultra loose free flowing low pony tails or look to stars such as Sienna Miller and Blake Lively for your laidback look, this one is possibly the easiest to achieve. Tie your hair at the base of the head, letting your locks flow loosely down your back. Be sure to ruffle the front sections of your hair to add bulk at the crown and give it that worn in look.

So there you have it: three ways to put, or at least look like you’ve put, very little effort into styling your locks. Lets face it, with cold mornings coming and the struggle to leave the cosy cuddles of our duvets on the rapid rise any excuse for five more minutes in the warm certainly won’t go un appreciated — and you’ll still be bang on trend.

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