A Charitable Cut

Kayleigh Bullingham, owner of Diamond Cuts salon in Coventry is quite used to cutting children’s hair. But cutting 12 inches of 7-year-old Hope Davis’ hair was a little bit special. The child had asked to have her hair cut so she could send it to another child who had lost half of her hair through cancer.

Hope Davis about to donate her hair to the Little Princess Trust. (Photo Tysall’s Photography)

“I don’t need all this hair!” little Hope told her mum, Yolande, after seeing a photograph of her mum’s friend’s 12-yer-old daughter. “You could cut my hair off and send it to that other girl. She could have it.”

Although Yolande and husband Wayne have never had their daughter’s hair cut from birth, apart from trimming the ends, they were proud of their daughter’s selflessness, and so did some research into donating hair and discovered the Little Princess Trust.

The charity provides real hair wigs free of charge to children and young people up to the age of 24 who have lost their hair through cancer treatments and other illnesses. Since the Little Princess Trust’s inception in 2006 it has helped thousands of children by providing wigs for them and has received the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Services, the MBE for volunteer groups by Her Majesty the Queen.

The charity relies solely on the generosity of the public with fundraising and donations, both financially and with suitable hair which can be made into wigs. Each wig costs between £350-£500 to make and uses around 800g of hair. The hair they require should be between 7 inches and 12 inches long. And while they can use coloured hair, they really appreciate natural uncoloured hair.

Hope’s mum then asked around for recommendations for a local hairdresser who would cut her daughter’s hair, and Kayleigh of Diamond Cuts was recommended.

Kayleigh Bullingham of Diamond Cuts and Hope Davis. Photo Tysall’s Photography (Medium)

“I was really excited about doing this,” said 30-year-old Kayleigh, who has worked in hairdressing for the last 16 years and owned her own salon for nine years. “I’m always happy to do my bit for charity but I’ve never cut hair for the Little Princess Trust before. I had to measure her hair correctly, so they get the full 12 inches. Then the hair has to be divided, plaited and fastened at both ends.”

The whole event went well, although Hope’s parents found it a little emotional, and they weren’t alone. Two of Hopes brothers went along to the salon with their parents, as well as Hope’s Godparents and her best friend, Grace.

“It doesn’t surprise me that Hope wanted to do this,” added Hope’s mum, Yolande. “She’s such a caring little girl, and we are so proud of her.”

Hairdresser Kayleigh added, “It’s a very selfless act on Hope’s part and she looked gorgeous with the short hair style I gave her after cutting off the 12 inches.”

As for Hope, she had no regrets. Admiring her new short style, she said, “I’m glad I did it. I look like an elf now!”

To find out more about the Little Princess Trust, go to :http://www.littleprincesses.org.uk

For more on Diamond Cuts Hairdressing, Coventry, visit: https://www.facebook.com/Diamond-Cuts-Hair-Beauty-Nails-Salon


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