The Future of Hairdressing Apprenticeships

What are apprenticeships?

An apprenticeship is a combination of practical training and paid work which allows students to learn a focused set of skills while gaining essential experience in a working environment. They will work alongside more experienced, skilled colleagues to develop practical ‘on the job’ knowledge that can be transferred directly into their chosen career.

One of the key advantages of apprenticeships, and one of the reasons they are proving an increasingly popular choice in the UK, is the fact that they allow students to earn while they learn. It’s also not uncommon for an apprenticeship to lead directly into a full time career with excellent opportunities for progression.

While some apprenticeships may involve full-time work, others might combine part-time work with weekly days at college or other training environments. With success comes progression, and research has found that apprentices earn between £120 to £170 in an average week. That’s a huge difference when compared to the £9,000 of debt that a university degree can land a student in per year of tuition.

Busting some myths around apprenticeships

  • Taking an apprenticeship is not the same as turning your back on university. Many apprentices go on to get degrees and study for higher level qualifications.
  • Apprenticeships aren’t just for students who ‘don’t get the grades’ for university. They’re an excellent alternative for those who want a debt free way to get straight into work and start earning while they learn relevant industry-recognised skills.
  • Apprenticeships aren’t easy. There are some extremely competitive and challenging courses across a wide variety of industries and sectors.



What do you need to know about the changes set for 2017/18?

“We have already delivered 2.2 million new apprenticeships over the last five years. Over the next five years we will deliver three million more and ensure they deliver the skills employers need”

Conservative party manifesto, 2015

The future is looking bright for apprenticeships. The incoming changes are designed to make apprenticeships an even more viable alternative to university, stimulating the economy and getting people of all ages into work. These changes are due to be enforced nationally at the beginning of the academic year 2017/18 and are already being trialled by over 100 ‘trailblazing’ employers.


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