Learn Balayage from Jack Howard

Jack is taking this class on the road worldwide to show other hairdressers how to address issues such as overly highlighted hair in real life salon situations. Widely recognized as one of the most accomplished authorities on Balayage, Jack’s philosophy is to offer the client beautiful hair that doesn’t compromise on condition. Jack shows salons how to actually increase their colour revenue and customer loyalty through giving the client a quicker service and lower maintenance repeat visits. The course is split into a morning workshop and presentation from Jack before a hands-on afternoon where the team learns how they can incorporate Balayage into a busy salon column. The class also includes a presentation from Jack on the importance of social media and how to promote the new skills learnt to maximize exposure to new and existing clients.

Jack Howard at Paul Edmonds, international hair colourist to the likes of Gillian Anderson, Poppy Delevingne and Suki Waterhouse, is continuing his Balayage revolution with new delegates at the Westrow salon group, Phoenix Hair & Body in Milton Keynes and The Parlour in Jersey.


After a full day in Milton Keynes with Phoenix Hair & Body, Jack headed to the Westrow Academy in Leeds, to teach the brand’s nine L’Oréal Colour Specialists his tricks of the trade. Westrow Director Steve Rowbottom said, “Jack’s visit to the Academy was a huge success. We have always aimed to offer our staff access to some of the best names in the business, to ensure they can hone their skills from people outside of the brand who are at the top of their game. As the go-to colour destination in the North of England we want to offer clients the latest techniques and technical expertise, and have guest artists scheduled throughout the calendar to inspire and delight.”

The Parlour in Jersey
The Parlour in Jersey

Then it was off to Jersey, of which Jack said, “It’s always really interesting to teach when a group of stylists who aren’t from the same salon get together to split the cost of the course. It’s a great way for smaller salons to access great education bespoke to them in their area. There’s been a few areas where stylists are doing this and it just underlines to me what a brilliant industry we are for sharing, learning and developing.” 

Jack is now available and taking bookings for 2016 for the following classes, dates tbc, for education bookings email him via the contact page at www.jackhoward.co.uk

1. “An introduction to Balayage”

A full day from 10 -5, dispelling the myths of Balayage , a live demo and then a hands on practical in the afternoon

This can be done in the comfort of your salon, or in London for individuals, groups are kept small and intimate.

Key Learnings are

  • A classic balayage application from root to tip
  • A clear understanding of sectioning
  • Paying special attention to hairlines and partings
  • Loads of practice so you leave with more confidence.

Price for In Salon £1250 + Vat , travel and expenses

Price for individual groups £300 + Vat

Price for 1.2.1 class £1250 + Vat

2. “Balayage live”

A class that works best in your salon, for the many of you have already worked and trained with me this is the next step, a full day of live models.

Key Learnings

  • Creative Balayage
  • converting foils – balayage
  • confidence building

Price for In Salon £1250 + Vat , travel and expenses.

3.  “Brand Me”

A how to on navigating and putting together your digital presence from my own personal experience.




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