Ziortza Zarauza awarded Best Technique Award

Ziortza Zarauza has been awarded Best Technique Award in the Revlon Professional Style Master 2014 International Contest. Centro Beta (San Sebastián * Spain)

“Nereidas” is the name of the collection which Ziortza Zarauza has won the “Spain Country Winner of The Style Master 2014 International Contest” and “Best Technique Award”. Three vanguard pictures with very new techniques.


Inspired in the sea nymphs, it is about maximizing the woman’s beauty through the hair as a femininity symbol. Each picture makes reference to a nymph, to the tales and legend’s mermaids I always imagined.


In the first one I have represented the guiding light for the seamen.
The second is a grounding mermaid in a rock with hair loose as a femininity symbol.
The thirds is side face and I inspired myself in the bow figureheads of the older ships.
Three images unprovided of all the superfluous to make the face shine with own light. A touch of fantasy makeup runs each and every proposal evoking the sea reflections.


Hair_ ZIORTZA ZARAUZA (Centro Beta)
Make Up_ Mónica Luis
Photographer_Chus Terán
Photo editing_ Javi Villalabeitia
Products_Style Masters by Revlon Professional

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