Learning Opportunities in Hairdressing

Learning opportunities in Hairdressing can be time consuming and costly, choosing the best way to learn your new career may not be as easy as you think.

Take the time out to research which methods will be of benefit to you, and make the most of your time and money.

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What Are Hairdressing Employers Looking For In An Employee?

I see many potential employees turning up for their interview with a beautiful array of qualifications, displayed in various ways.

The fact is, I want to know about the person behind the qualifications, what drives them to get up in a morning, what do they do on their day off or weekend. These insights to what a person is really like will help me as an employer, understand how ambitious and motivated they are to finish their training. If you can portray how serious you are about not only learning your hairdressing skills but perfecting them, these are some of the terms I want to hear from potential employees.

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Choosing the right scissors

Haircutting scissors are the basic, essential tools that every stylist must have, but they’re also worth keeping in your medicine cabinet even if you aren’t a professional. Whether you have a minor hair emergency on your hands, fancy a little change of style, or happen to be an expert at cutting your own locks, you …

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Which hair cut?

There are literally a limitless numbers of hair designs. Which one is right for you depends on your style and fashion. For the latest trends and styles see the top selling style and lifestyle magazine available online and at newsagents now. Some people like to choose a different style for special occasions. There are many …

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Guys Hairdressing

Gents hair dressing isn’t what it used to be. It is not just Barbers shops that cater for guys these days. Contemporary hairstyling combine the latest in cutting, styling and colouring techniques with a commitment to lavish service and a meticulous attention to detail. There are now many products aimed especially at Gentleman’s hairdressing. Salons …

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Hairdressing Salons

Where ever you live in the United kingdom there will be a Hair Dressing Salon near you. Hairdressers and hair stylists can be found on the high street in London, Manchester, Leeds, Aberdeen, Oxford and all British towns. Here you will find award winning hair dressing salons catering for all styles and types. Men’s and …

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