Speed Up Hair Growth – Naturally

It’s true that men are more likely to lose their hair than women, mostly due to male pattern baldness.

But thinning hair and hair loss are also common in women, and no less demoralizing. Reasons can range from the simple and temporary—a vitamin deficiency—to the more complex, like an underlying health condition.

For someone experiencing hair loss for some reasons or  stagnant hair growth, ways to speed their hair growth is always a concern. There many products in the stores promising to help in your hair growth quest. Buying them is a risky business as some of them are just taking advantage of people’s dire need for a solution. There is thus a need to check on those natural ways that can work as an alternative to these products. They are not only safe, but also a guarantee unlike the commercial products.

  1. Adopt a Healthy Diet

Diet is the key to have a healthy mind, body and soul. Every single part of your body acts the way it does with respect to how you care for it. Taking a healthy diet is essential to ensure they all function properly. As such, the hair also looks and feels the way it does most times with respect to what you have been eating. Eating enough proteins, vitamin and E, minerals and the right kind of fats will boost your hair growth a long way. They will also boost your overall health.

  1. Scalp Massage

Just like massaging any other part of the body, massaging your scalp will improve blood circulation in the scalp. This will stimulate hair growth as more and more nutrients will be able to reach the hair follicles. Rub your fingers on the scalp in circular motion for 5 minutes everyday, and within time you will see your hair will grow tremendously.

  1. Apply Some Castor Oil On Your Hair

Castor oil in general helps in boosting hair growth, and it also helps for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. It is loaded with omega 3 fats which are essential for hair growth. When applied to your hair, it moisturizes your hair, adds volume and also fights scalp infections. Apply castor oil on the scalp and massage for some time. Leave it to see in and wash after about an hour. Don’t forget to wash with a clarifying shampoo. You may combine it with rosemary essential oil for optimum essential oil. Repeat this process several times in a month and you should be able to see amazing results.

  1. Some Eggs For Amazing Hair?

Hair is made up of 90% protein. For it to grow, you need to supply it with enough protein either through taking in proteins through diet or apply oils rich in protein. Beat two egg yolks in a bowl. Add a few of olive oil. Whisk the two together to get a mixture. Apply this mixture on your scalp and leave for a minimum of 15 minutes. Afterward, wash with some clean water and shampoo your hair as usual. Repeat the process at least once a week.

  1. Apply Lemon Juice

Lemon in fundamental nature contains various types of vitamin B, vitamin C, folic acid among many other nutrients. It is used as an antioxidant. Lemon juice improves the hair shine and makes it smooth. It protects the scalp from dandruff and heals it if already affected. Combine it with olive or coconut for optimum benefits. Apply it on the scalp and leave for about 45 minutes. Wash it and don’t forget to shampoo it with a mild shampoo since lemon juice is acidic to balance out everything. Repeat the process once or twice a week and with time your hair will have grown a lot.


We all want to have radiant and vibrant looking hair. For some reasons, this is not always possible either due to an underlying cause or a genetic factor. Seeking medical advice can be a nice way to start your hair growth journey as you will be able to know the reason why your hair is not growing. This will help in addressing the hair growth problem more effective. An overall healthy lifestyle is also required for your hair to grow. Eating a healthy diet will help you a long way. Don’t forget to use the above tips and in no time your hair will make you proud. The good news is most of these ingredients are readily available in our homes thus way cheaper than those commercial products that you aren’t even sure if they work.

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