10 Reasons You Need the Right Hairdressing Scissors

If you’re a hairdresser, or cut hair for friends and relatives, then you’ll know the importance of having good hairdressing scissors. If you’re thinking about becoming a hairdresser, or wondering why some hairdressing scissors are so expensive, here’s what you need to know.

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1. Having the right tools for the job will make the job easier, and hairdressing is no different from anything else. If you’re struggling to cut hair with kitchen scissors, or nail scissors, then you’ll know that they’re not right for cutting hair. Dedicated hairdressing scissors are designed to cut hair, and are what you need if you’re cutting hair.

2. Having the right hair dressing scissors will give you the professional image that you need so that your clients or friends and family will trust you with cutting their hair. If you’re using inappropriate scissors, then you might not have the full trust and confidence of the person whose hair you are cutting.

3. Good hairdressing scissors are made to last a long time, and are up to the job. If you’re working in a salon, cutting hair all day, then you’ll need to be able to rely on your scissors. You won’t want them to get blunt quickly, or be hard to use.

Hair scissor for thinning hair
Scissors for thinning hair

4. You can be sure of a good performance from having the right hairdressing equipment, you’ll know that whatever style you are creating, or what sort of hair, or how many haircuts you are doing a day, you’ll get a good result from your scissors.

5. Because you’re confident in your tools, and they are reliable, you can concentrate on cutting hair, and making people look and feel good.

6. Your clients will be happy with the results you achieve by having the right sort of scissors. Your salon might start getting referrals, and people might start to ask for you by name as you can provide the hair cut and style that they want.

7. You’ll need to make sure that your scissors are comfortable enough to use all day. You might want to choose a type with a finger rest so that you can change the position of your hand spread the weight and pressure on your hand.

8. You’ll need different hairdressing scissors, and different sizes to create different hairstyles, so you’ll soon know which scissors and combs will be best for you and your clients.

Manual Hair Clippers
Manual Hair Clippers

9. If you cut mens’ hair then you’ll need hair clippers as well. Are your clippers salon quality, and will they last? Do they provide the results that you and your male clients want? If not, you’ll want to get clippers that are up to the job.

10. Even though hairdressing scissors might seem expensive, if hairdressing is your job, then you’ll know just how important they are. You might have struggled with lesser scissors, or tried to use scissors designed for other uses, and decided that they’re just not up to the job. Proper hairdressing equipment will be value for money when you think how much you use it, and how much your clients appreciate your skills.

Now you know more about why they are important, have you got the right hairdressing scissors?

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