Always Have a Good Hairdresser

A GOOD HAIRDRESSER is and always will be a necessity, if you can find one. The importance of a hairdresser in designing a hairdo cannot be overstressed. A hairdresser’s technical knowledge of hair and its ability to retain certain lines and shapes permits him to diagnose and arbitrate with his customer so that she can get a hairdo that is pleasing to her and will involve a minimum of care and upkeep.

A hairdresser who has artistic ability and a thorough working knowledge of illusion and proportion, plus the mechanical abilities of hair cutting, waving and pin-curling, can make any hairdo look well on the wearer by giving it the correct amount of width or height or whatever is necessary.

A hairdo that needs minimum care is always essential. The only time this rule is ignored is when a woman’s profession makes it desirable-for example, actresses who will wear their hair in certain ways for a particular part because of the costume or period. Even if this requires a daily trip to the hairdresser’s, it has got to be done, the amount of time or money involved being of secondary importance. The average everyday woman does not have this problem.

Your problem is to find out whether the hairdressers available in your community are (a) good ones or (b) right for you.

A good hairdresser is one who has skill and experience, who listens to his customer’s preferences, explaining whether or not they are practicable in relation to her own hair. He is interested in the customer, not only in having her hair look its best (which is good publicity for him), but in giving her a hairdo that is easy to care for and will look as well between her visits to his salon as it does immediately after it has been styled and set.

He wants to keep his clients satisfied over a long period of time; he does not attempt to sell a customer all of the services and products available in his shop on each visit.

There are many good hairdressers but some of them may not be right for you. If a good hairdresser in your community specializes in serving a certain type of client, he may be no good at all for you. Some specialize in coiffures for middle-aged and elderly women, just as others are excellent for the young. If you go to the wrong hairdresser you probably aren’t going to be satisfied with the results. This is no reflection on his skill but rather on your judgment in trying to make him do something which lies outside his special field.

How are you going to find the right hairdresser? The process can be a painful and expensive one. To avoid this, first consult your friends. If you admire hairdos on girls or women you know, make inquiries from them. If the fashion editor of your paper recommends a local hairdresser, call her up for further information about him if you need it.

Failing all these, you will of course have to try one yourself and hope for the best. You must be reasonable. You must be prepared to state your tastes, to tell him, for instance, if you like your hair long or short. If the style you have in mind requires some special care on your part, recognize the fact before you adopt it. It is not fair to the hairdresser to let him recommend a style that requires a certain amount of upkeep if you aren’t ready, willing and able to follow through.

The ideal customer from the hairdresser’s viewpoint is one who knows what she wants, at least basically; she knows how to take care of her hair; and she is willing to listen to reason.

It pays to spend the time to find a good hairdresser who will really suit you.

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