FAME Team Masterclass

Johanna Cree Brown hosts masterclass for the FAME team including how to create a film of their models

the FAME team
the FAME team

Johanna Cree Brown, Artistic Director at Trevor Sorbie, hosted a mentoring day for the FAME team who joined her for a studio session: team member Dafydd Rhys from Ken Picton said, “The day began with an introduction from Johanna, with a show reel of some of her amazing work – it’s incredible how much inspirational and recognisable work she has created. Johanna then moved on to show us 3 looks; the first showed us how to create an avant-garde look mixed with an on trend street vibe. With the use of gels and hairspray she transformed the model’s blue tresses finishing the look by placing a thin hair net over the model’s face to secure a veil of hair.


The second look was inspired by Chinese architecture (think triangular roofs and garden houses); the model arrived in front of us with an abundance of textured hair coloured in a vintage pastel tone. Johanna began to cut and mould the hair using clippers into three distinctive layers reflecting that Chinese architectural look. Just when the team thought the look was completed Johanna then continued to sculpt the hair to really finish this masterpiece. The third and final look was a very strong geometric bob that led into a sleek simple ponytail. We were given an honest and unique insight into how Johanna creates these styles; for the bob a relatively cheap wig was used and after cutting numerous products were applied including hairspray and varnish to give a stiff and vinyl finish. The wig was then applied to the hair with the pony tail fed through a small hole cut in the back.”




Johanna has been experimenting with film over the last year or so and enlisted filmmaker and collaborator Roger Spy to make a beauty film with a dreamscape feel with the finished models. Johanna says, “I wanted to show how to put together a moving version of a model image so we hung up a bedsheet and filmed them then and there. Johanna showed the team how they can combine media techniques with the work they create whilst just using very basic equipment, models off the street and a light projector. The result is the Dreamflux clip.”




Johanna also did the hair for a music video shot by Roger for Robot Men. Roger’s moodboard for the concept included Garry Numan’s Cars and the Kraftwerk Man Machine’s album cover, from which Johanna devised the hair for the video. She says “The older guys in the video needed to look like robot men, so I sleeked the hair and used hairspray and pieces of paper to give really sharp, cartoon like straight lines… It’s always fun to work on different projects and this was great from a creative point of view – it’s interesting to work with a brief and find a solution that’ll look fantastic on film.”



Johanna Cree Brown is at Trevor Sorbie, 27 Floral Street, Covent Garden London, WC2E 9DP appts: 0207 379 6901



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