How to Improve Your Hairdressing Salon

If you’ve decided that your hairdressing salon needs updating or modernising, then here’s what you need to consider.

1. You’ll want your reception furniture to be welcoming and inviting, after all, it’s where your clients will wait until it’s their turn to have their hair cut and styled. You won’t want your clients to think that you’re unprofessional or disorganised, or that you don’t really care about them.

2. Your reception desk is also important as it’s where your clients will arrange appointments and pay. Why not have some hair products on your desk for sale, and encourage your clients to come back more often, or promote your additional hair and beauty treatments?

3. Don’t forget that you’ll need plenty of storage for all of your hairdressing gowns, towels, magazines, hair products and everything else that your clients need you to have. By staying tidy and organised your clients will have a better impression of your hairdressing salon.

4. The hairdressing chairs in your salon get a lot of use, and so need to be of good quality. If they’re starting to look a bit shabby, or not working as well as they used to, then perhaps it’s time to get new ones. You won’t want your clients to be uncomfortable, or your stylists unable to work properly, because of your hairdressing chairs.

5. Having the right hairdressing equipment is essential, and so you’ll need to make sure that everything you use, from your hairdryers to your hair styling products, are of salon quality and up to the job. You won’t want to have to keep replacing hair straighteners or dryers because they can’t cope with salon life.

6. Your wash areas will also see a lot of use, and need to be kept clean and tidy at all times. Clients won’t want to have their hair washed somewhere that looks dirty and uncared for.

7. Your stylists will benefit from having their own trolleys, so that they have everything they need close to hand, and that they stay tidy and organised. they’ also be able to work at different styling units, so they have all they need to cut and style clients’ hair wherever they are in the salon.

8. Having styling units that are right for your salon will also make a difference. If you haven’t updated your salon for a while, then you might be surprised at the range of different styling units available. How could having new styling units impress your existing clients, and attract new clients?

9. If your salon offers more than just hairdressing, then you’ll want to make sure that you have the right sort of treatment couches, chairs and stools, so that your clients and beauticians are comfortable throughout the treatment. If you’re making do with inappropriate furniture, something more suitable will be better for your clients and staff alike.

10. Although you might have a budget in mind for improving your hairdressing salon, it’s important that cost isn’t the most important factor. You’ll want to make sure that the hairdressing equipment and beauty salon equipment you get, is what you need for your clients, so that they can get the hair and beauty treatments they want, and your staff can provide them.

Now you know what sort of things to consider, will you look for new hairdressing equipment and beauty salon equipment?

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