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Over dinner with friends a conversation came up about the fact that there seems to be a sudden expansion of portable hairdresser salons operating all over the place. As a hairdresser in my youth I thought I would look it up where I live so when I was next in Maidenhead I visited many hairdressers that I knew from the old days and asked the question. I was surprised to note that, other than the multinational or franchised salons that I visited, most of them in fact started as mobile hairdressers. I doubt it was only Maidenhead hairdressers that started this way of course.

On the Road
On the Road

I got them to tell me what they know about mobile hairdressers and apparently it’s sometimes a specially converted van and sometimes a ‘loosely’ named portable hairdressers service is someone visiting the client’s home carrying a sort of holdall with everything inside (apart from the washbasin I understand). Basically the mobile hairdresser is someone who is mobile or ‘on the move’ so he or she needs the use of special equipment that’s easy to carry by hand or inside a specially constructed vehicle.

With regard to the ‘specialised vehicles’ I called a manufacturer of these portable hair salon vehicle and they told me that their goal was to provide a portable hair salon station on an international basis which has a relatively low cost of manufacture with regard to both materials and labour, and which is therefore affordable to individuals such as the hairdressers that I interviewed.

Those Portable hair salon stations that are converted vehicles can range from traditional to modern elegant with shampoo bowls at hair styling stations and more often these days, including super back wash units. In the original interview one of the hairdressers in maidenhead told me that his portable salons was designed to impress clients as well as providing the amenities that his customers might demand but that it was pricey.

Electricity is often supplied by a small generator but on occasions it needs to be connected to the client’s home although some sort of price decrease is agreed to reflect the cost. Patients in care homes, hospitals or sparsely populated areas often use these mobile hairdresser salons and I’m told that the Polish communities in the UK are great users of these units also.

By Peter Charalambos of iMarkets International Ltd, Marketing Managers for Quality sites including Maidenhead Hairdressers

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