Sassoon Academy – Spring collection


Hair:  Mark Hayes & the International Creative Team
Colour: Peter Dawson & the International Colour Team
Make Up: Daniel Koleric
Photographer: Colin Roy

Geometric outlines are interrupted with sawtooth sectioning and barbered fades. Overlapping tousled lengths combine with extreme overdirection to create a tough texture with a storm-swept feel. Clear design is pointed into and blown about; edges are sketched and appear undefined.

Sassoon Spring Summer 2014
Sassoon Spring Summer 2014

Colour sectioning is flowing and organic taking its shape from the desert flowers of artist Georgia O’Keefe whose palette of bone white and carbon is combined with the artisan jewellery of the Navajo. Turquoise and tourmaline meet silver and rose gold; dusty pinks combine with smokey quartz to create subtle shifts of tone.

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  1. hi excellent information..
    Geometrical describes are disturbed with sawtooth sectioning and barbered ends. The actual tousled measures merge with excessive overdirection to make a challenging structure with a storm-swept feel.


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