Sun Kissed – How To

 Sarah E. Fahey, writer of the VH1’s popular Hit the Floor is on the A-list and credits her rich and natural personalized “Sun Kissed” colour and its upkeep exclusively to Pasquale Caselle.

Sarah Fahey
Sarah Fahey


Pasquale Caselle
Pasquale Caselle

Celebrity hairstylist and IT&LY HAIRFASHION NA, Inc . Creative and Editorial Color Director, Pasquale Caselle is known for his mastery of signature color formulation and technique designed specifically and individually for his “A- list” clientele, of Hollywood celebrities and his equally prized and very private clientele of the International Rich and Famous.


The Formulation:

Mix IT&LY’s Easily Blonde with 20 volume developer. From the ear area going down to the nape, place random slices about 1 inch wide.

While sides are processing, mix equal parts 6D, 7N, 6B Aquar&ly with 20 volume developer. Apply to the root area all over the head.

Once roots have processed, place a few slices of Easily Blonde randomly around the face, not too many as you want it to just peek out a bit for some dimension.

After 30 minutes, remove slices with Easily Blonde, bring client to the shampoo bowl and run a bit of water in the hair (do not completely shampoo at this point) massage the color mixture through the hair and ends (this will tone lightened slices, but keep them natural looking) leave on for about 10 minutes.

Shampoo the hair with IT&LY’s Purity Design Shampoo, condition with IT&LY’s Plusonda.

The Style:

To style, spray IT&LY’s 2 Phase Hydrashine Leave in Conditioner. This will not weigh the hair down but will leave it shiny and well-conditioned. Next, apply a small amount of IT&LY’s Thermoflat mixed with a few pumps of IT&LY’s Pure Water Drops.
With your blow dryer remove some of the moisture first. Then, starting at the nape use a 2 inch round brush and blow dry the hair giving it some volume in the root area. Once you have dried the whole head, run your fingers through to loosen up the curl. Next, apply a few drops of IT&LY’s Pure Water Drops and finish with IT&LY’s Pure Definition Spray with memory hold.

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