Hairdressers Dermatitis

Dermatitis in hairdressing is very common. It’s been proven that almost 70% of hairdressers suffer from dermatitis which if left untreated can also be very painful, but what a lot of hairdressers don’t realise is that dermatitis is absolutely preventable. If you are a hair dresser and suffer from dermatitis, take the appropriate steps to help ease the pain and prevent it from coming back.

Is there a need For Hairdressing Gloves

boxing gloves

As hairdressers work for hours each day with shampoos and water combined with the dry conditions created by hairdryers and other heated equipment, their skin’s natural defenses are greatly weakened. After seeing the facts it seems only natural that hairdressing gloves should be worn at all times.

Focus on Hairdressers Health

a doctor

Expert on vascular health, Eddie Chaloner, is a consultant vascular surgeon. In this article he highlights the risks hairdressers face from standing up most of the time and work, some preventative techniques and what do if treatment is needed.