Don’t Type Cast Your Hair Extension Clients

SairaKhanAmy Filippaios, founder of SimplyHair, specialist hair extension and salon supplies wholesaler talks Hair extensions for older clientele.

Hair extensions have long been considered a luxury for the young or the famous. However, in 2020 this typecast is starting to be challenged as great quality hair extensions are actually very versatile and suit people of all ages, which enables stylists to market them to a much larger demographic.

For too long, women have felt that beyond a certain age, they are too old for long hair and decide to go short. Whether it is due to societal pressure, with long-haired older women portrayed as “witches”, or to balance natural thinning that can come with age, this is often a difficult decision. It can feel like part of our femininity and youth has been stripped away but this needn’t be the case.


Opening your hair extensions services to older clientele

As stylists, clients look to us for advice on what will make them look and feel more attractive and confident. Many older clients default to shorter hair styles, however, it is worth discussing alternatives that involve lengthening or thickening the hair with extensions.

Optimized DidiConn

They may be nervous about trying extensions and concerned about how natural they will look on them. Alleviate any concerns by showing pictures of women aged over 50 wearing hair extensions. Loose Women panellist, Saira Khan wears hair extensions to add volume and give her extra confidence when appearing on TV. Another fabulous example is Didi Conn – better known as Frenchie from Grease. Didi had never worn hair extensions before starring on Dancing On Ice but became a huge fan as they helped to add volume to her hair, whilst looking natural and effortless.


Finding The Right Type Of Extensions For Older Clients

Your client’s lifestyle and overall look will play a big part in choosing the most suitable method of hair extension. Take into consideration what the client is looking to achieve and the type of hair you are working with before making your recommendation.

For clients with thinning hair opt for lightweight extensions to add volume. Nano rings are very discrete and can be hidden even within finer hair. 90% smaller than most other methods, they are perfect for those who do not have the volume in their own hair to hide other methods of extensions.  They are also gentler on the hair, giving the same overall look of pre-bonded glue, but with none of the heat or mess during application.

To add volume and length, Nano rings are still a good option but you might also consider tape hair extensions. They are quick to install, so may feel less intimidating for first-time wearers. They also give a very full look right through to the ends, which suits longer styles.

We would recommend avoiding weft or pre-bonded glue for older clients and first-time wearers as they can be very heavy. The application process can also feel overwhelming, as it can take a long time to glue each piece in one-by-one.



Older clientele may need more advice and reassurance around how to properly maintain their extensions and prevent damage to their hair. Go through aftercare before fitting the extensions, discuss the process slowly and and allow them to ask as many questions as possible. It is also important to recommend washing and styling products and enable them to purchase these products from you. Not only will it reassure clients that they are using the best products and tools to care for their extensions, but it will also add an extra income stream for your business.

We would love to see more older women embracing long hair and putting an end to negative stereotypes. As stylists we can use quality hair extensions to help clients find new styles to make them feel confident and fabulous.


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